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This website would not exist without adverts at the bottom of every page to support it.

If your company is in the paintball industry, then it can advertise with us (some restrictions apply).

Advertising with us is a simple process. Fill out the form below to upload your advert to our system, and we will then check it and approve it. We'll then send you the bill for the chosen advertising period. All you have to do then is pay the bill via PayPal and we will release the advertisement.

There are four standard advertising terms:

  • 1 month - £4
  • 3 months - £10
  • 6 months - £15
  • 12 months - £30

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Coming soon - for now, please email us: admin (at)

Restrictions on advertising

  • There is no guarantee that an advert will be displayed on a given page. For each page view, an advert will be selected at random from the pool of adverts.
  • Neither The Paintball Calendar, nor the advertiser will have the ability to influence this.
  • No event organisers are permitted to advertise themselves or their events on The Paintball Calendar. Advertising requests of this nature will be swiftly placed in proximity to some rather large pyrotechnics, which will then be let off.
  • Paintball-related advertising only.
  • You must upload two banners: One 320x60 pixel banner, one 468x60 pixel banner. The files may be smaller than this, but not larger.