About the Paintball Calendar

The Paintball Calendar has been running since 2010 in a response to Alex "woodyudet" Woodward's request to stand down as calendar maintainer on UKScenario.com. Discussions ensued, and Chris "CJ" Malton was handed the role by Alex.

Initially, the Calendar replicated the original functionality of the calendar that was posted to UKScenario.com, however Chris saw the need to expand the calendar and in 2012 the Paintball Calendar became the only single listing of Scenario, Walkon, and Tournament events.

Information sources

All information on the calendar is sourced from many places. This includes organiser websites, the forums, Facebook and submissions from people on the website.

Where possible, the Calendar obtains a live data stream from PBScores.info to provide information about the event in real-time.


The following people were vital in ensuring that this calendar continues in 2014 and bringing various features up-to-date. In no particular order.

  • Alex "woodyudet" Woodward - Original calendar maintainer
  • Chris "Rosey" Rose - Under-the-hood changes & data feeds
  • Dave "Indie" Jones - General suggestions & graphics
  • All of you visitors - For keeping this site running.

This site is not free to run!

This site costs me somewhere in the region of £150 a year to run at the moment. The advert at the bottom of the page goes some way to covering this, but it's not enough. If you can spare a couple of quid, please take a moment to donate using the Paypal button below.